About Brand

设计师ANKYLAU同名品牌 [ ANKYLAU® ] 是于2018年春季创办的服装品牌。 是以HIPHOP、美式文化、大自然中获取灵感,融入自己的生活态度以及兴趣元素。 这是一个以简洁,功能性,舒适性,以及高质量材料和剪裁为特征的服装品牌。 这些特征对于ANKYLAU来说是创造精致独特衣服的首要任务。 下一步最重要的标准是将要引入个人理念到品牌,我把它称之为“天生就是穿”。 ANKYLAU倡导年轻人不甘平庸,积极进取的生活态度,以年轻、大胆和创造力 为品牌理念,皆在聚拢有个性的新年轻群体。不仅是一个品牌,ANKYLAU 代表着一个生活方式,一种随心表达自我,表现创造力的现代生活态度,现在我向你展示 [ANKYLAU] 这个品牌与你们每个人分享这个想法!

The designer ANKYLAU with the same name [ANKYLAU®] is a clothing brand founded in the spring of 2018. It is inspired by HIPHOP, American culture, and nature to incorporate their own attitude towards life and elements of interest. This is a clothing brand featuring simplicity, functionality, comfort, and high quality materials and cuts. These characteristics are the first task for ANKYLAU to create exquisite and unique clothes. The most important criterion for the next step is to introduce personal ideas to the brand. I call it “born for wear.” ANKYLAU advocates young people who are unwilling to be mediocre and proactive in their attitude towards life. They are young, bold and creative. They are all brand young people with a personality. Not only a brand, ANKYLAU represents a lifestyle, an attitude of modern life that expresses itself and expresses creativity. Now I show you the [ANKYLAU] brand to share this idea with each of you!